Get Started

Get started using Sigmetic's KPI Widgets

Supplying the source code

In order to use Sigmetic's KPI Widgets, you need to supply the source code.
You do this by adding a script tag at the top of your HTML file.

<script src=""></script>

Creating credentials

Next, you need to create a set of new credentials to use the widgets.
Log in to, and natigate to

Settings > Client access

Here, you will be able to access client credentials.
You can choose to create a new set of credentials for the widgets that you are about to embed.
Click on See credentials, and you will reveal the Client ID and Client Secret.

Authenticating widgets

Back on your website, you need to provide the Client ID and Client Secret.
Set two localStorage items is in the example below

  localStorage.setItem('sigmetic_client_id', '<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>');
  localStorage.setItem('sigmetic_client_secret', '<YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET>');

That's all! You're ready to embed your widgets 💪

Remember that you can always invalidate or delete the client credentials from settings in the app.