Meantime to Review

Embed the Commit Trend KPI Widget

Meantime to Review


Meantime to Review Widget is a trend widget that shows information about how long it takes a pull request to get reviewed. The time is measured as the time difference between a pull request being created and the first review being submitted.

This information includes

  • Overall meantime: The meantime to review based on all pull requests in the given period of time.
  • Shortest: The top pull requests with the shortest meantime to review.
  • Longest: The top pull requests with the longest meantime to review.
  • Chart: Distribution of the meantime over time.
    For each day you can see the longest (high), shortest (low) and mean time to review.


  • Choose repository: Choose which repository you want to track from the list.
  • Aggregate: Toggle aggregate next to the repository dropdown to aggregate data from all repositories in the list.
  • Select period of time: You can choose one of the four presets: last week, last two weeks, last three weeks or last 30 days.
    These presets will always look back from today's date.
  • Select custom range: You can choose a custom range in time on the date-picker.
  • Compare to past: If this is checked, the past period of same duration will be included in the chart.


Learn how to embed Meantime to Review Widget on embedding/meantime-to-review